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The tuition fees does not include learning materials, such as assessment books, past year papers, etc. The tutor would usually work with materials, which the student currently have. However, LEONG'S MATH CLINIC has a list of recommended materials, which are also recommended by schools in Singapore. The cost of these materials will be paid by the parents.

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Are learning materials included in the fees?

Currently, LEONG'S MATH CLINIC does not have a tuition centre to conduct lessons. Instead, the tution will be held at a location at the student's convenience, i.e. student's home, fastfood restaurant, etc. 

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Where will the tuition be located at?

LEONG'S MATH CLINIC only provides math tuition to Primary & Secondary school students. As LEONG'S MATH CLINIC is a specialist in mathematics, it is recommended for parents to seek different tutors for the other subjects to ensure better results and a more focused lesson for your child.

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Other than math, do you teach other subjects?
How much are the tuition fees?

The tuition fee varies at different levels:

Primary 1 to 5 : $45/hr          Primary 6 : $50/hr
Secondary 1 to 2 : $55/hr     Secondary 3 to 5 : $60/hr

Tuition fees are to be paid at the end of every 4th lesson, in cash/cheque or via bank transfer.

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LEONG'S MATH CLINIC is committed to giving your child a better foundation and knowledge in the subject. However, it will take a period of time (longer for students who are weaker). It is necessary to have co-operation from the parents to ensure the improvement of the child.

Would my child improve after lessons with you?

Each lesson is to be conducted minimum once a week and at least 2 hours per lesson. LEONG'S MATH CLINIC recommends two lessons every week for students, who lack the foundation in the subject or are currently studying for their PSLE/O Level.

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How many lessons does my child need a week?
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